Tactical vest "Pioner" M23 olive/khaki color made by Splav

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Classic bib with sewn pockets under the gear Rifleman
•Adjustable in size from 46 to 68, whatever the growth
•Compatible with a climbing harness
•Pockets include draining water
•All pockets close with Velcro, with the easy manners of slings
•Simple X-shaped webbing from a wide sling, crossed behind the. Sewn on front, back at sides fastened 50 mm testexam Duraflex®. The extra ends of the sling collapsed hiding under the ring from the gum
•The wide belt slings, fastens with 50 mm fastex Duraflex®. The extra end of lines in collapsed view hides under the ring out of the gum. Can accommodate additional equipment (for example, the pouch under the reset stores)
•On the underside of the sewn loops for releasably attaching the unloading/pistol belt
•4 pockets for shops, each with a capacity of 2 to store the AKM/AK-74 or RPK-1/RPK-74. Height adjustable Velcro valve, the volume shrinks sewn a wide elastic band to protect from rocking content. 2 extreme pockets sewn to the bib so that their rear wall forms a hidden flat pockets to the entrance from the top, in which you can transfer 1 of the CPR
•4 pockets under the VOG-25/VOG-25P, each with a capacity for 2 shots. The individual shots are held inside in the stretch cells. You can use the pocket for other items (e.g., hand grenades or things)
•2 pockets under the VOG-25/VOG-25P, each holds 1 shot
•2 pockets for bayonet-knife, or 1 of the CPR. Simple pocket with an open top, a carabiner on the webbing for fastening of a sheath and a buckle tie closure.
•3 pockets for hand grenades (2 sewn on the sides, 1 on the left shoulder strap front). Each has an internal pocket under the fuse and the carabiner on the cord and a clip-on to check for arming grenades with one hand
•1 large pocket for flat items (map, scarf, etc.) with the entrance at the top
1) 8 stores the AKM/AK-74 or 4 RPK/RPK-74
2) 10 VOG-25/VOG-25P
3) 1-bayonet
4) 3 or 4 (without the bayonet) RSP
5) 3 hand grenades

•Webbing: 100% nylon
•Thread: Liberty® (the Netherlands) filament nylon bonded
Cordura® 1060d (100% nylon)
Oxford 210d (100% nylon)
•Accessories: Duraflex®
•Velcro: Alfatex® (Belgium)
•Weight: 1100 g

* The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design, materials and configuration of the products without prior notice to the customer


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