Summer jacket VDV for suit of VDV Russian airbone troops special forces. Khaki color. By Splav

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Designed for landing troops suit, was very convenient for the tourists. All that ground under the parachute, and well under the backpack.
Durable thick canvas fabric, pre-lined and having a high resistance to fading. The canvas breathes, protects from wind and moisture, is not afraid of fire (if not dry clothes on using fire wire) and not the insect bite wound.
Free cut jacket does not restrict movement and is devoid of protruding parts. Due to the absence of the lower pockets, it can be worn as trousers, and tucked into pants.
Characteristic of uniform buttons.
The bottom of the jacket is adjustable in size.
Two front and side pockets easy access pockets on the sleeves are protected by valves. Internal pocket for documents made of water-repellent fabric.
Ventilation in most places of overheating in the jacket and trousers provides the mesh fabric.
The most intense (elbows and knees) are enhanced with additional overlays (on your knees with a softening inset).
Pants with high elastic adjustable belt and stripgame under a wide strap and comfortable to wear on the belt the necessary gear.
Loose cut, tightened the bottom of the leg allow you to move freely on the most inaccessible places and to protect shoes from getting into the garbage.
The restraint jacket is compensated by an abundance of pockets on the trousers. Inset pockets with side simple and familiar, two back pockets with flaps, two front with flaps in front at the hips and a pocket under the knife. You can place everything you need from salt, matches, maps, compass, and JPS to cones from the machine.
Durable, comfortable, breathable, simple costume will be a reliable protection in the woods and in the air.


Jacket from special costume parachute parts
Worn tucked in or worn outside
Free, not hampering the cut
Kick patches on the elbows
The belt is adjustable in size with additional buttons
Mesh for ventilation in places of active heat
•2 external pockets
•1 inside pocket for documents made of waterproof material
•100% cotton (canvas also called tarpaulin)
Made in Russia

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