Russian Tactical Vest Ratnik with Backpack and pouches 6SH112

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Everyone Welcome! Sale of the cabinet, power is no longer a good store!
I propose Tactical Vest 6sh112, digital flora also called pixel or cifra.

Made by factory in Kazan in Russia for russian army. About 2009 year.

All NEW. Was in storage.

You will get :

original new 6sh112

and gift russian army flask new

Please look all photos here

Tactical Vest 

UMBTS 6 SH 112  Scout - Machine-Gunner

UMBTS (Universal Modular Transport-Combat System) 


UMTBS 6 SH 112 Scout - Machine-Gunner

Components Scout - Machine-Gunner

Vest base (6SH112) - 1.

Pouch for the tape to the box or  mashine gunner PKM 250 cartridges - 2 pcs.

Pouches for grenades - 4 pcs.

Pouch Universal - 2 pcs.

Pouch for small infantry shovels - 1pc.

Satchel Battle volume 7 litre - 1pc.

Satchel patrol volume of 25 litre - 1 piece.

The colors of the Russian Digital flora also call pixel or cifra.

The belt is adjustable in size, up to 145cm. Belt vest bases

Weight : about 3 kg.

70years victory in WW2 in Russia  all may we have Sale

With this item you will get fo free

Russian army flask


Russian army kettle

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