Modular universal girdle discharge system "Nemesis-5" for tactical vest black color by Splav

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Modular discharge tactical girdle are increased comfort, the entire length of the system allows you to attach pouches PALS and ALICE. Free saturation pouches depending on the task at hand
• To use the belt is inserted into the strap, the optional. Recommended belts 50 mm Universal, Universal v.2, Belt US
• Belt has six suspension points shoulder straps. Compatible with straps "Nemesis-5" and Universal lightweight v.3, as well as any other straps with four- or six-point suspension
• Suspension straps on the half-rings Duraflex®. The two rear and two front vertical lines, dual sides for oblique lines (lines for each individual ring)
• The belt has a wide curved anatomic shape, making it comfortable, and the load is distributed on the hips. It also allows for a small load times are wearing strapless
• The inner surface is finished with the volume mesh Airmesh Coolmax®, ventilation and softness
• In the lower part of the belt on the sides of the body are slots in hiding loop for hanging loin platforms and holsters (in the loop is passed within walking belt strap)
• Features belt is that unlike most such curved belt MOLLE, cell suspension pouches sewn entirely one after the other, without breaks, and pouches can be hung over the entire length anywhere in increments of 37 mm without restrictions

• Straps: 100% nylon
• Threads: Liberty® (Netherlands), nylon filament bondirovannye
• Material: Cordura® 500d (100% nylon)
• Accessories: Duraflex®
• Weight: 400 g
• Available in three sizes: 46-52, 54-58, 60-64


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