Jacket Gorka-3 camo pixel flora for summer made by SPLAV, Russian special forces

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Jacket Gorka-3 camo pixel flora for summer made by SPLAV Special forces

Basic material - 100% cotton, Brand new high quality canvas, surpassing analogues used by most other manufacturers
New processing technology has significantly improved resistance to fading and fabric abrasion
Reinforcing lining - 100% polyester rip-stop.

Pattern - russian camo  pixel flora.

Wearing with Pants Gorka-3 camo pixel flora for summer made by SPLAV, RU special forces . item No 321720310761

Jacket Gorka-3 in English "Mountain-3" is recommended for outdoor activities (hiking, camping), and as a field form mountain infantry divisions MO RF
Free cutting, the freedom of movement
Hood with adjustable in three dimensions - for oval face, vertically at the back and adjustable side view
Two lower volume pockets buttoned closed by valves
Pocket "Napoleon" on the chest
Slanted pockets on the sleeves, closed with Velcro flaps
Weatherproof inner pocket for documents with velcro
Adjusting the volume sleeves above the wrist hidden elastic Velcro
Elbows are protected polyurethane removable insert (included)
Utyazhka cord at the waist
Utyazhka rubber cord hem.


Please write me your qestions about sizes

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Completely camouflaged version Jacket "Mountain 3" in Russian Gorka-3, made of the same materials (new high quality canvas and gain of 100% polyester rip-stop)

Coloring sheet and reinforcing fabric coincide with each other and are an exact copy of the corresponding colors in the rest of the range of Alloy

Product Weight:
• 48 / 170-176 - 1250 gramm
• 50 / 170-176 - 1400 gramm
• 54 / 182-188 - 1550 gramm

Attention Please! Before washing, remove the protective insert in knee / elbow pads from the respective pockets. Do not wash the protective insert in the washing machine. When washing in the washing machine products from canvas - may cause traces of wear.

Sizes of men's clothing made by "SPLAV"

Mens clothing
Product size, height 158-200 cm Chest (cm)  Waist (cm)  hips (cm)
42 84 72 92
44 88 76 95
46 92 80 98
48 96 84 101
50 100 88 104
52 104 92 107
54 108 96 110
56 112 100 113
58 116 104 116
60 120 108 119
62 124 112 122
64 128 116 125
66 132 120 128
68 136 124 131
70 140 128 134

How to take measurements

Chest girth measured in the following way: have a tape horizontally at the armpits so that it passes behind the line of the protruding portions of the blades, and the front - through the highest points of the breast. It is important that while the tape is not slack, but do not overtighten!

Waist circumference measured sufficiently taut measuring tape, which is located around the waist in a horizontal position.

When measuring hip girth hip girth tape measure is horizontal with respect to the most protruding point of the buttocks with the belly bulge. In this case, the tape should fit tightly enough, but do not over-tighten the buttocks.

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