Gorka-3 khaki summer made by BARS

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Specnaz Suit Gorka 3 in color "khaki"is the classic military field uniforms Gorka-3 Khaki (Gorka-3k)

The suit includes jacket and pants.
· free cut;
· clasp Central side, windproof placket, buttoned;
· Flirty from the fabrics;
· 2 Welt slant pockets with flap, buttoned down the front;
· on the sleeves 1 overhead inclined pocket;
· in the elbow reinforcing figured overlay;
· the bottom of the sleeve to the elastic band;
· hooded double, with visor, is tightening the connecting rod to adjust the volume;
· fitting at the waist with wings;
· relaxed fit;
· 2 vertical side pockets;
· in the knee area, the rear halves of the press along the seam of the seat - reinforcing pads;
· 2 side pouch pockets with flap;
· 2 rear overhead figured pockets with buttons;
· cut parts in the knee area prevents them from pulling;
· rear halves below the knee gathered elastic band;
· elasticised waistband;
· bottom rubber band;
· fastened cords (suspenders);
· belt loops under the belt;
the worn - in boots and trousers.
The cloth material production Russia: Tent (Palatka) - 100% Cotton, Insert - 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton

Suit "Slide-3" used Federal troops in the Caucasus and well proven. Suit Gorka 3" retains heat well, the wind is not blown, the moisture does not pass, perfectly breathable and dries quickly. Suit season.

•Instructions for fastening the suspenders

•Weight: 2033 g (50 size)
•Upper material:
◦canvas tent: 100% a clap, density of 270 g/m2. Manufacturer: Russian Egorievskii plant
◦gain: wear-resistant fabric 50% polyethylene, 50% cotton. Manufacturer: Mogilev plant

•Lining/insulation: no
•Number of pockets: ◦2 on the jacket
◦2 on the sleeves
◦1 internal pocket
◦6 pockets on the pants

•Features of the model: ◦adjustable hood size and shape of the face
◦contraction jackets on below
◦contraction of the jacket at the waist
◦pants with an elastic band with adjustable cord at waist
◦otstegivayut straps press

•Recommendations for sizing:
◦If the Slide is worn over the service (as it should be), then choose the size that you wear.
◦If the Slide is worn on the body, for sizing, use the table below ◾please note that priority in selection is the waist, because free cut jacket and has significant reserve capacity.

Please ask your size at first. We have other sizes.

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