Gorka-3 color "Izlom" made by DARS

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Suit Gorka-3 color "Izlom" made by DARS
Costume includes jacket and pants.
· Free cut;
· Buckle central board, waterproof strap, button;
· Flirt finishing of fabrics;
· 2 inclined slit pockets with flap, buttoned down in front;
· On the sleeves and 1 overhead inclined pocket;
· In the area of ​​the elbow shaped reinforcing plates;
· Bottom of sleeves with elastic;
· Dual hood with visor, has sculpting the rocker to adjust the volume;
· Fit at the waist with the help of the scenes;
· Free breed;
· 2 side vertical pockets;
· In the knees, on the back half of the seam trouser seats - reinforcing plates;
· 2 side cargo pockets with flap;
· 2 back patch pockets with button-shaped;
· Cut pieces in the knees prevents them from stretching;
· Rear halves assembled under the knee elastic band;
· Waistband with elastic;
· Bottom with an elastic band;
· Tacked braces (suspenders);
· Shlёvki under the belt;
wearing - in boots and trousers.

Cloth- Rip-stop.
In 2008, the new line of fabrics "Rip-Stop" in particular "Rip-Stop Cotton Rich 220" (50% CL 50% PE)
were the winners of the contest "The Best Domestic Product - the Armed Forces of Russia."

Ripstop (RipStop) - durable material having a mixed composition. Due to the synthetic fiber material can withstand loads well and is resistant to abrasion. Cotton ripstop makes pleasant to the touch and provides good hygienic properties. A distinctive feature is the presence of a reinforcing material yarn gives it a special strength. Cells weave reinforcing strands are clearly visible on the canvas Rip-Stop.

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