Detachable module Tactical vest "Modular" black color made by Splav

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Fastened in front bib based MAV 2 Piece vest straps and X Harness Company Tactical Tailor®, steering PALS straps for attaching pouches, with anatomical shoulder straps and built-in compartments for carrying 6 stores AK / M4 / BCC / Saiga-12
Bib consists of straps and discharge panel in the form of two symmetrical panels. All the elements together using sostegivayutsya fasteksy
• The straps are attached to the panel by four adjustable 25 mm paternal fasteksy Duraflex® extra length adjustment buckle straps trehschelevymi. The straps are fully interchangeable with the Compact Modular tactical vest The extra lines are added and the ends tucked under the ring of gum
• anatomical straps smoothly curved without corners, wrap over the shoulder, do not rub your neck, well distributed load
• The straps represent a sandwich of fabric Cordura® 1060d, 4 mm semi-rigid foam and mesh lining, ventilated Air Mesh. The most loaded components (buckle straps, handle for evacuation, semicircles) are stitched completely through all the layers for strength
• Slings fastening straps to the platform to form power frame to extend along the surface of the shoulder straps, the X-shaped crossing over the back
• Handle for evacuation of power lines enclosing a skeleton playing the role protivootryvnogo element
• On the top of each shoulder 2 wide elastic bands for securing the drinking tube system or wires
• On the front of each shoulder semiring for mounting equipment
• straps instead of the normal cells PALS uses a special system of even-odd, allows you to install pouches symmetrical center of the platform, regardless of the parity mount pouch. Slings 20 mm, sewn entirely over each other with a small gap, facilitating installation. Every second tie of the sling is displaced laterally by half the cell lines relative to the first PALS:
On the back of two horizontal rows of lines 4 or 5 cells in PALS a width on the front side of the straps 3 horizontal lines on a number 1 or 2 PALSv cell width. The front lines are covered with an additional heavy-duty material Hypalon (analogue tissue Sordura® 1060d, laminated on both sides with artificial rubber), non-slip butt plate on the shoulder strap
• Slings PALS platform sewn classical way (with a gap between the horizontal rows of wide straps), weighed pouches ALICE impossible
• The panels are compact enough, each has 3 horizontal rows of lines in height and 8 cells wide PALS
• The panels represent a sandwich of two layers of fabric with Cordura® 1060d 2 mm rigid foam inside to keep in shape and load distribution
• Front buckle sewn on the two non-regulated 25 mm fasteksy
• The panels are attached to the parent with four straps 25 mm fasteksy Duraflex®. The platform is fully interchangeable with the Compact Modular bib
• Belt 50 mm wide straps, fastens with an adjustable 50 mm fasteksy, double-slit buckle to fix the adjustment and retention of excess end of the sling. Fasteksy is located on the right side, so that the left hand is not under the mesh parts, which is convenient for right-handers with the rigging of pouches on the belt (eg, placement of shops)
• On the wrong side panels throughout the area sewn flat pockets, fastened on top of the entrance to the long Velcro on the edge of the input loop-manners of slings for easy opening. Inside, there are three cells of 50 mm elastic band for details. Also, this pocket can be used to carry six stores (AK / M4 / ARIA / Saiga-12, etc.) for this purpose is threaded into the elastic store cell and on top of the respective pair of hinge-uhvatok pocket worn running complete closure, usually used in shingles. If the pocket is not used for carrying shopping, it is recommended to remove all the fasteners, as they prevent access to the pocket
• In komlekte removable adjustable buckles 4 mm elastic cord and oven mitts, Pincher top shop (6 pcs.). To remove the store you need to take manners sideways. Cord length is regulated by the retainer. Manners of material Hypalon, oven mitts to prevent slipping relative to the store and fingers. Manners has a Y-shaped (forked to the bottom) for use with shops AKM, because of their strong curvature of the usual manners may slip too tilted cap store, so splits of the oven mitts worn on the upper corner of the store, providing a secure grip
• At the bottom edge of each panel are removable belt loops (6 pcs.) For fixing the pistol / unloading belts. In itself vest sewn compact odnoschelevye buckle - so if belt loops are used, no extra interfering elements. Loops a simple piece with straps sewn to her double-slit buckle, this is achieved by high reliability (no breakage and freezing Button and dirty and worn out Velcro) and setting up a belt of any width and thickness. The correct way to install belt loops shown in the photographs in the catalog
• Adjust to the shape of any size and growth
• Straps: 100% nylon
• Threads: Liberty® (Netherlands), nylon filament bondirovannye
Cordura® 1060d (100% nylon)
Hypalon ORCA® (Belgium)
• Accessories: Duraflex®
• Velcro: Alfatex® (Belgium)
• Weight: 905 g


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