Compact modular tactical vest "Compact" black color made by Splav

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Simple and affordable lightweight bib uncluttered. Free saturation pouches depending on the task. Production stopped, replaced by a Compact Modular Vest v.2
The basis of the platform of two layers Cordura® (for strength and maintain the shape), to which are sewn cell PALS / MOLLE pouches for attachment. Platform height adapted to work with high domestic stores (AK, Saiga 12)
On the wrong side of the fabric pocket Cordura® 500d. The top is closed on major (type 10) zipper, metal tongue is replaced by a loop of paracord (quietly and firmly). The bottom is reinforced by a second layer of fabric, there are three eyelets for water drainage. The pocket is useful for carrying soft flat objects (maps, shemagi, gloves, etc.)
All the attachment points of the straps and belt to the platform in the form of 25 mm fasteksy Duraflex®. With this bib you can easily reset either hand
Straps simple X-shaped, intersecting behind. The wide part is made of 50 mm high-quality fine lines with a high density. The thickness of the shoulder area small, any convex fittings available. Due to this the strap do not interfere when wearing a backpack straps on top of them and jackets. Front stitched multiple cells PALS / MOLLE for attaching small pouches or sheath
Belt 25 mm slings
Bib sewn from fabric Cordura® 500d, the new generation - of a light fabric 500d. Currently commercially available both variants
Single size
Slings: 100% nylon
Threads: Liberty® (Netherlands), nylon filament bondirovannye
Material: Cordura® 500d (100% nylon)
Accessories Duraflex®


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