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We are represent this shop which selling russian ammunition, clothing, equpment and other accesories for hunting, camping and outdoor from Russians military factories, designers and civil factories and companies making goods for professional tourism.
Almost our goods Made in Russia.
Sometimes we will sell well goods from China, Europe, USA, and other countries if we will think that its good items.
We always writing full item description and also writing country of manufacture.
We can give our customers fast delivery time because we based in Russia, Saint-Petersburg second biggest city of Russia, which not far from Europe. Saint-Petersburg is about 300 km from capital of the Finland Helsinki.
We think that our mission is tell people from outside of the Russia about goods which people and firm can produce in Russia, that in our country people can make good solid comfortable clothes, good accesories for hunting, camping and outdoor.
That russian ammunition have interesting innovation.

We want tell about our embodiments of the popular products, seems like russian version of tactical backpacks, tactical vests, about various forms of the great mountain, hunting and Russian spetsnaz suits which were developed over the years by the Russian people, soldiers and the special design institutes.
About the different versions of accessories and supplies for mountain climbing and hiking.
We think that we can and must help russian firms and people which making all this greate product find there buyers outside from Russia.
We think that we must tell foreign people about this great products, because they have very interesting construction and decision, because they very popular in Russia.
Russia is the big country which have very many forests mountains and lakes, so russian people have very big experience in communication with the nature.
So we think that we can teach people from outside something interesting in hunting, camping and others by selling new interesting good in this industry.
We want tell about materials which use in our products.

We like selling and making people happy by providing the best products at the best prices and providing excellent service.



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